As a passionate storyteller and interior designer, I have spent years dreamily wandering around second hand shops, market places and antique stores; coveting and purchasing beautiful objects to create character and charm in the bars, restaurants, pubs and homes I’ve designed. 

Nothing beats the creaky timber floorboards underfoot and getting lost amongst furniture and bric-a-brac of a bygone era; dreaming up concepts and narratives with pieces that add the missing piece to a story being told by the curated arrangement of objects.

As a designer, living in the fast paced city that Sydney is, I have found that getting the opportunity to get out of the design studio and make time to explore has become all too infrequent for myself and my contemporaries and the wider public.

I am passionate about the quality and craftsmanship of items that have stood the test of time

So, I decided to create Object of Memory, an object collective, banded by a network of sellers hand picked from across NSW. Objects once lost and forgotten now accessible to all.

All Locally sourced and hand-selected items showcased on a digital platform.

Please browse through the finds and be in touch if you wish to seek your items through us - hello@objectofmemory.com